The conference dinner will be held on the 10th of May in Casa do Alentejo (House of Alentejo). Housed in a historic building with Moorish architecture, this restaurant is dedicated to the culture and cuisine of the Alentejo region of Portugal.

Inner courtyard and dining room


On the morning of the 12th of May we will visit the Azulejo National Museum (MNAz).

On the Azulejo National Museum, there are two themes of great interest: one is the BUILDING, the XVI century Madre de Deus Convent, the other is the tile revetment COLLECTION, going from the second half of 15th century to the present times.

Macacaria. Casamento da Galinha
Lisbon, 1660-1667
Polychrome faience
148 x 242 cm
Provenance, Quinta de Santo António da Cadriceira, Turcifal, Torres Vedras
MNAz inv. 400 Az

Photographic credits:
Museu Nacional do Azulejo
DGPC/Arquivo de Documentação Fotográfica
José Pessoa, 2003